What is 5 Minute Photo

What is the 5 Minute Photo Loader/Viewer Software

The 5 Minute Photo Loader/Viewer Software combo was designed with the onsite "action" event photographer in mind. After trying to do this ourselves with 3rd party software packages, we quickly realized there had to be a better way and so we began developing that better way in late 2003. 5 Minute Photo has become the leader in onsite action event photography software, for both small and large photography organizations, allowing customers to view their pictures quickly and easily whether its with 1 Viewing Station or 25+ Viewing Stations.

The 5 Minute Photo Loader/Viewer Software combo consists of 2 Windows .NET based software programs. One (the Loader) runs on a main computer that acts as a file server on a Local Area Network (LAN). The other program (the Viewer) runs on multiple computers, connected to the file server/Loader via the network and acts as a kiosk providing the tools needed by customers to view and select their favorite pictures to be purchased and have printed onsite.

The Loader is designed to make unloading Compact Flash (CF), SD and other types of camera memory cards, simple, quick and easy to do with as little user intervention as possible. We take the guess work out of the work flow and make it a simple ONE-CLICK process, freeing up the table tech (or whatever you want to call this person) to continue to print pictures (fulfill orders) and wait on customers while the 5 Minute Photo Loader does all of the file management, copying, rotating, resizing, optimizing, archiving, erasing, etc.

Although the software was originally designed for doing youth "action" sports events we now have customers using the software for other types of events including dance competitions, cheer competitions, car racing, motocross, skeet shoots, cat/dog/horse shows, resorts, makeup parties, equestrian events, glamour parties, wedding receptions, proms, rodeos and more. Use your imagination and let the fun begin. Where we talk about a game or competition, just replace that term with whatever term you use to describe the activity of your event.

The Loader/Viewer software has over 150 custom configuration options so that it can be configured to work like you do and not be forced into doing it only 1 way. We give you more choices and more options for both the Photographer and the Customer then any other onsite action event photography software. And if you need the software to do something that it doesn't already do, 5 Minute Photo can create a custom version just for your onsite action event photography business, like we've done for others.

The Viewer software is designed so that no keyboard is necessary for the customer to be able to view the pictures, save favorites and/or place an order. In fact, using desktop or laptop computers with the keyboard hidden under the tables is the preferred method for customer Viewing Stations. The Viewing Station computers only need a monitor and a mouse OR a touch screen monitor available to the customer.

Using the 5 Minute Photo Loader/Viewer software successfully may not even require any changes to your current workflow. We have made the software as flexible and configurable as possible, while still keeping it simple, quick and easy to use for photographers, table techs and especially customers.

Although our software has been tested using the most popular brands of professional or pro-sumer type digital SLR cameras (Canon, Nikon, Sony) there are other brands and/or models that work just as well with 5 Minute Photo.

Version 7 of the 5 Minute Photo Software allows up to 26 Camera IDs per event. Since most digital cameras take 10,000 photos before renumbering the images, theoretically up to 260,000 images can be taken per event with our software - it's not uncommon for some of customers to take 50-80,0000 pictures at a weekend event using 5 Minute Photo.

Whether you are new to onsite event photography or a veteran, if you are new to using computers and networks to offer onsite viewing, selling and printing of photos and other digital products, then we highly recommend purchasing our “How To Do Onsite Event Photography” guide that is available for purchase by clicking here. This guide has helped hundreds of professional onsite action event photographers from making a lot of mistakes made by others when first starting out offering onsite Viewing Stations and/or onsite printing.

Co-Founder David Whitson's professional career includes over 30 years experience as a software solution developer, Microsoft® Certified System Engineer, Microsoft Certified Solution Developer, project manager and over 10 years experience in the onsite event photography business. David has enjoyed photography and working in the darkroom since the age of 12 (using film & chemicals - before digital photography was around), so David has plenty of experience knowing and understanding onsite "action" event photography.

More Detailed Information

For the most in-depth information about the Version 7 Loader/Viewer Software download the Version 7 User Manual here.