Pricing/Ordering Information

Loader/Viewer Software Pricing/Ordering

The Loader/Viewer are packaged and sold together as a unit. You receive the indicated number of License Key(s). A License Key is required for each main Loader/Server computer. You can use the Viewer software on an UNLIMITED number of Viewing Stations (computers) connected to each licensed Loader/Server computer. The number of Viewing Stations is only limited by the operating system running on the Loader/Server computer (ie. Windows 7, 8 or 10 = 20 Connections, Vista = 10 Connections, Windows XP Pro = 10 Connections & Windows XP Home = 5 Connections). More than the allowed number of connections require either 1) a solution like our Linux In The Middle or 2) Windows Server Operating System and applicable client access licenses (CALs) on the Loader/Server computer. Our custom designed/configured Linux In The Middle solution is a pre-configured Zero Configuration File/Folder Sharing device and will eliminate any need to setup or configure the Windows security/sharing permissions on the Loader/Server computer.

2017 Pricing 
Electronic Version
(US or International)
NOTE:The following are all Digital Software Downloads: An email will be sent to your PayPal email account within a few minutes after we receive full payment from PayPal (eChecks and payments requiring validation by PayPal will take longer). The email will contain your License Key(s), links and instructions on how to download and install the electronic version of the 5 Minute Photo Loader/Viewer software and User Manual/documentation.
Be sure and check your spam/junk mail folders since a lot of email providers put these emails there since they contain a link to download the software.
Full Version 7 Pro Edition
Includes Version 7 Pro Loader/Viewer Software along with 2 Loader/Server License Keys for use with an UNLIMITED number of Viewing Stations (additional Loader/Server License Keys also available below)

For the most in-depth information about Version 7 Pro Edition download the Version 7 User Manual or request a full working demo/evaluation version by sending an email to request the Version 7 demo/evaluation to:
support at 5MinutePhoto dot com

Version 7 with 2 Loader/Server License Keys
(UNLIMITED Viewing Stations)

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 Stop Theft Utility Software for 5 Minute Photo

The purpose of the 5 Minute Photo “Stop Theft” utility software is to help users of 5 Minute Photo Loader/Viewer software to prevent photo theft by their customers using smart phones, tablets and cameras to “steal” their copyrighted photos by taking pictures of the Viewing Station screens.

NOTE: this application will not actually prevent photo theft but helps “deter” customers from trying to do so. It DOES require some human intervention by the photographer’s staff.

Download Stop Theft Documentation to learn more.

5 Minute Photo Stop Theft Utility
for Version 7
Database Export Utility Software

Although some data can be copy/pasted from the Orders, Favorites and Product Management screens in the 5 Minute Photo Loader software, not all raw detail data is available through the Loader, so the Exporter was created for those that want to see all of the details and raw data from the Orders, Favorites and Products tables and do their own sorting, filtering, summarizing, analyzing, reporting and etc. on the data.

The Exporter exports the raw data into .CSV files for importing into Excel or other applications that can read .CSV files.

5 Minute Photo Database Export Utility for Version 7

Additional Server License Keys for Current Owners of Version 7

Current owners of Version 7 may purchase additional Loader/Server License Keys for $150 each.
Additional Version 7 Loader/Server License Key

Version 7 Upgrade for Version 5 and Version 6 Users

Current licensed users of the 5 Minute Photo Loader/Viewer Version 5 or Version 6 Software may order a copy of Version 7 with 1 License Key for a special price of $150. The price for additional License Keys is $150 each (see below).
Upgrade Version 4, Version 5 or Version 6 to Version 7 with 1 License Key
Version 7 Pro (.NET 4 Framework) will run on 32-bit and/or 64-bit versions of Windows.

  • 5 Minute Photo will run on ANY COMBINATION of Windows XP (Home or Pro, SP3), Windows Vista (SP2), Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10
  • 5 Minute Photo will NOT work on earlier versions of Windows (98, 98 Second Edition, ME [Millenium], Windows 95, Windows 2000.)