Version 7 Features

Some of the Features and Enhancements of Version 7


  • Redesigned cart and checkout flow with new, more intuitive look and feel.

  • Faster Viewing of Thumbs and no longer limited to a few hundred images per game/competition/routine.

  • New Checkout Screen showing Favorite Images - Available Products - What's Ordered

  • Easy Navigation from any screen

  • New Start Page, separate Event and Game/Competition/Routine pages, MUCH FASTER thumbscreen pages

  • Cart/Favorites is now Auto Saved as images are added and removed

  • Quantity of any products selected is always maintained/saved so customer doesn't ever have to re-enter quantities

  • Ability to recall any Cart/Favorites later whether an order was placed using it or not - in case customer wants to come back and order more from their cart/favorites.

  • Button showing Favorites/Order Summary, including # of images, available on all main screens.

  • More Flexible Product Pricing structure - Volume Pricing Discounts and Tiered Level Pricing for Digital products (images on CD/DVD/Thumb drive, etc.)

  • New Product types for Digitial image products, Multiple Image Products (templates, collages, filmstrip posters, etc.) and Drag-N-Drop template products.

  • Cool customer Drag and Drop of desired favorites into photographer's pre-designed "template" products.

  • More detailed Product Description and Pricing Information available to customer in Favorites plus the ability to show pictures of samples of different products.

  • Ability to add small border around thumbnail and preview images to give them some "pop"

  • A LOT more user configurable text, custom messages and custom user definable global terminology (ie. do you call them Games, Competition, Routines, Races or whatever - you define and that term is used throughout the Viewer application.

  • Viewer totally configurable from Loader and loaded by default but individual Viewers can still be individually customized for specialized settings (Touch Screen, Colors, Slide Show, # of Thumbnails across & more). No need to configure each Viewing Station before an event.

  • Quick Search box for Event list and Game/Competition/Routine list to narrow down list of choices.

  • Allows different sort options on Event (age group/category) list (vs Version 6 Date Folder Created order) - ie Sort by Event Date, Alphanumeric, Date Folder Modified and reverse - Also if no sub folders loaded yet (Games/Competitions/Routines) then they don't show in the event list until Loaded.

  • Allows different sort options on Games/Competitions/Routines and actual image names in Thumbnail and Preview screens (numeric, camera id, date/time picture taken and reverse)

  • Ability to use custom background image on Viewer Start Page - make it your own!

  • If slide show is running and stopped by user (clicking or moving mouse) shows new Start Page with current cart/favorites information, including # of images and name/ID, if a cart/favorite currently exists.

  • Optional Magnifying Glass/Zoom available on Preview Images - to zoom in on group photos, etc. to see more details/facial expressions, etc.

  • Optional Brightness slider available on Preview Images to give customer ability to better see light/dark photos.

  • Option to show embedded image information from EXIF Metadata on Preview images, such as players number, bike race #, bib #, date/time photo taken, user defined comments/keyfield data and more.

  • Option for Slide show to pull from submitted orders (usually good quality pictures since customers have purchased them)


  • Ability to view unsubmitted images in customer's Favorites collection and add any images removed back into Favorites.

  • More Order Status Options - New - Paid - Processing - Delivered - Complete - Special - Voided

  • Allow multiple selections (CTRL+Select or Shift+Select) in managing orders and favorites to delete or change status

  • Ability to copy RAW images into Original folder when using RAW+JPG

  • Includes Product and Quantity in [OrderID] sub folders for each image ordered by customer and groups images for Digital, Multiple Image and Drag-N-Drop template products into their own sub-folders for easier order fulfillment.

  • Ability to reprocess images from an existing Original folder without having to remove Camera IDs.

  • Option to Pre-Process/Preview images before background processing to "Not Show" images (bad, blurry, inappropriate, etc.) and/or add custom keyword EXIF metadata that can be viewed in Viewer

  • Changed the CF/SD Memory Card/Source Folder field from a text field to a drop-down field to make it quick and easy to load from previously loaded locations


  • New Invoice/Order Form layout

  • Print Selected Custom Field Information on Order Form/Invoice

  • Custom Field additional check box options - Required Field - Print on Order Form - Password Field

  • Option to print Orders with or without thumbnail images

  • Fix sorting issues when using some Linux devices for Viewing source

More Detailed Information

For the most in-depth information about the Version 7 Loader/Viewer Software download the Version 7 User Manual here.