Customers View Your Images Using Their Own Devices at Your Events


Onsite.Pics on iPad

Onsite.Pics - What is it?

Onsite.Pics is the combination of 1) our Windows based UpLoader application, 2) our 5 Minute Photo Loader/Viewer Version 7 software and 3) an internet connection at your event. Onsite.Pics allow customers to use their own smart phones and mobile devices to view photographer's onsite action images while at the event - all Hands Free for the photographer!

Great for reducing the number of Viewing Stations and equipment to haul around, while increasing sales and providing more convenience for your customers.

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  • Use Custom QR Code images (with or without customer access code) to use on Posters, Order Forms, Business Cards, Handouts, etc. so your customer can go directly to your CUSTOM Onsite.Pics sub-domain just by scanning the QR Code - no typing long URL/domain names/web addresses.
  • You can actually scan the sample QR Code above to go to our demo sub-domain David.Onsite.Pics**
  • Each Photographer picks their own custom sub-domain Name based upon their name, company name or whatever they choose (ie. Tom.Onsite.Pics, SuperPhotographer.Onsite.Pics, ABC.Onsite.Pics)
  • Sub-domains are available on a first-come, first serve basis and can be reserved now.
  • See our sample site for photographer David at David.Onsite.Pics**

** the sub-domain David will be available at a later date but is currently being used for demo purposes.

Photo Gallery

Easy to Set Up and Use

  • 1) 5 Minute Photo Loader Processes Images.
  • 2) 5 Minute Photo UpLoader application runs on a Windows computer connected to the LAN where the 5 Minute Photo Loader/Viewer software is running and monitors images processed by 5 Minute Photo Loader and then automatically uploads images to photographer's custom Onsite.Pics site (requires Internet Connection at event).
  • 3) Customers use their own smart phones and mobile devices to View Images via the internet during the event without tying up Viewing Stations.

Technology - What's Needed - How it Works

  • 5 Minute Photo UpLoader Application monitors event activity and posts images to web automatically.
  • Pricing for Onsite.Pics includes a one-time setup charge, the UpLoader application, plus a monthly subscription based upon monthly event/image volumes.
  • Onsite.Pics UpLoader software requires users to have a licensed copy of Version 7 of the 5 Minute Photo Loader/Viewer software.
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